Grace For the Nations Church has extended roots in ministry that was birthed in 1950 by the Late Superintendent Dr. James Holloway. Pastor Holloway and his wife the Late Margaret Holloway, will always be celebrated as the foundation layers of a great ministry that has completely evolved and yet stands for righteousness and the sound biblical doctrine it was founded upon.

Since its inception, there has been a comb of senior church members that remain faithful in service and support to the ministry today. These pillars along with the plethora of new members have helped to make Grace for the Nations Church a powerful delegation of Ambassadors for the Kingdom of God.

Many dynamic people, preachers, missionaries and evangelists have matriculated from the pulpits & pews of Grace. The fruit of “Grace” is the manifestation of a dynamic ministry evolution from Grace Pentecostal Church of God In Christ to Grace For The Nations Church. The original passion to fulfill the great commission of Christ lives on in our mission to reach the diverse people of the world by teaching biblical principles and life application of the scripture. Despite the present day challenges facing individuals families and our communities, we believe there is hope!